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Organic Farming Mas de Janiny


History : At the end of the 1980's Thierry Julien decided to settle down and take over the family farm, helped by his father. Very quickly, his brother Pascal, a teacher in a buisness school, decided to join them and from this Le Mas de Janiny was born. The transition to organic wine production was immediately launched. Looking after the land, the environment and health were our main priorities, and these priorities remain in place today.

The vines : The vines are situated in the middel of the garrigue in clay-limestone soils. They are gown and nurtured in harmony with nature, and we use no weed-killers, synthetic products or chemical fertilisers. Healthy roots are one of our key objectives, helping us to exploit to the maximum our terroir. To ensure this happens, our working methods, the way train the vines, the use of natural composts and our labour come together to provide the vines and our grapes with all the qualities required to produce a grand vin. In our vineyard, we have no concerns about yields. The vines produce only what they can, our grapes ripening in perfect equilibrium and harmony with the nature that surrounds them.

Our wine making process : Wine making is the quintessential image of the vineyard and continues the work conducted out in the open. With lots of time and gentle care, the grape juice slowly transforms into rich and complex wines. We use no yeasts, enzymes, tannins or fermentation agents... All chemical use is forbidden. Even the amount of sulphites is vey low. The maceration process (frequent remontage and délestages). The expertise garthered over generations combined with modern production methods give rise to the wines from our vineyard.

Our wine : Our wines can be described as very strong in personality, deep and sustained in colour, aromatic and complex on the palette and with a vey long finish.

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